Airplane_Illustration-viasat-ifcIn-flight internet and connected services

Viasat IFEC for Commercial Aviation

We understand what value means to our customers, so we set out to capture value and deliver it in ways that solve real aviation problems right now, and far into the future. Our partner airlines are among the biggest, the best-loved, and the most effective in the business. They’re taking a journey with us, into a brave new world of ubiquitous connectivity and services that delight.

Why Viasat?

  • Viasat IFEC delivers the real internet, with wireless IFE, to every passenger at 35,000 feet, with connectivity benefits for flight crew and flight ops.
  • At Viasat, we believe fast, reliable connectivity should follow wherever you go. That’s why we took a system designed to deliver tomorrow’s internet and brought it to the skies. We have higher standards because you do.

  • Viasat delivers the best possible connected experience; to passengers, pilots, flight ops, and cabin crew.

  • Our in-flight internet service is unmatched. We leverage our vertical integration capabilities to enable airlines to extract more value out of their IFC / IFEC systems, creating more robust revenue streams and reliable operating efficiencies. 

We look forward to learning more about your airline's ambitions for IFEC.

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